T/C Simulator HandySim 38527

The Digital T/C Simulator (DigiSim 38527) is a portable, battery-operated, precision 4 digit simulator for mV & T/C input instruments. It is designed to source mV signals as well as simulate upto three specified T/Cs in international standards. In addition to simulation, it can also be used as a precision mV and Temperature Indicator. A self-check facility is provided to establish correct functioning of all the circuit blocks.


  • Sources and measures precise mV and upto 3 T/Cs
  • Useful for calibration of temperature indicators
  • Range : 80mV and T/Cs as per tech specs
  • Resolution : 1°C for T/Cs and 20 μV
  • Accuracy : ±0.05% of rdg 0.05% of F.S.±2 digit
  • Display shows temperature directly in °C or mV
  • Auto and manual CJ compensation for T/C simulation
  • Suitable for mass calibration jobs during shutdowns
  • Uses 9V Ni-Cd battery with longer life for field use
  • Unique Self-Check facility ensures reliability


The 38527 sources mV & T/C signals with the following specifications :

Millivolts 80mV with a resolution of 0.02mV into 100Ω load
Thermo-couples T/C types J, K, T, E, R, S, B or their combinations as follows

I/O Code T/C Type Range °C Self-Check Display Factory Calibration
J Fe / Const - 50 to 600 555 ±1 ISA/ANSI
K Cr / Alumel - 50 to 1200 1111 ±1 ISA/ANSI
T Cu / Const -50 to 400 333 ±1 ISA/ANSI
E Cr / Const -50 to 800 777 ±1 ISA/ANSI
R Pt / Pt-Rh(10%) 0 to 1700 1555 ±1 ISA/ANSI
S Pt / Pt-Rh(13%) 0 to 1700 1666 ±1 ISA/ANSI
B Pt-Rh(6%) / Pt-Rh(30%) 400 to 1800 1777 ±1 ISA/ANSI

Standard Option

Any of the Individual standards as below for the ordered T/C option

Option N ISA/ANSI Standard Option D DIN Standard
Option I Indian Standard Option J Japanese Standard
Option B British Standard Option R Russian Standard

I/O Options

YV(YV=JN Etc) Simulation of Millivolts & a Single T/C J or K or T or E or R or S Etc
XX Simulation of Millivolts & T/Cs JN, KN, TN as per above Table
YY Simulation of Millivolts & T/Cs RN, SN, BN as per above Table
UN Simulation of Millivolts & T/Cs JN, KN, RN as per above Table
VN Simulation of Millivolts & T/Cs JN, KN, SN as per above Table
WN Simulation of Millivolts & T/Cs JN, KN, BN as per above Table
GG Simulation of Millivolts & any three (To be Specified) T/Cs as per above Table

This is a custom combination which must be completely specified by the user

CJ Compensation Automatic or Manual
Output Impedance < 0.05 ohm

Input Specification

Millivolts 80 mV with resolution of 0.02 mV
Optional T/Cs Combinations of 3 T/Cs ordered as per above Table for output
I/P Impedance > 1 Megohm for mV & T/C input
I/P Protection Input/Output Terminals are protected for 24V DC

Indicator Specification

Display 4 Digit 7 - segment 8mm LCD

Accuracy at operating temperature between 22-32 °C, valid with one year Calibration Cycle, will be

Accuracy ±0.05% of rdg ±0.05% of f.s. ±1dgt
CJ Error 1°C for Ambient Temperature of 5-55 °C
Lead-Error 1 °C for lead resistance of 100ohm per lead
Self-Check Displays a figure as given in the above Table

Power Supply Options

Option A 9V Jerry Can Dry Cell
Option B 9V Jerry-can Ni-Cd Rechargeable cell

Battery Life

Dry Cells 5 to 6 Hrs in continuous use
Ni-Cd Cells 10 to 12 Hrs in continuous use

Low Battery Indicated by lighting all decimals or "LO BAT" indicator
Mains Operation A connector is provided for a battery eliminator
Rated Temp 5 to 55 °C
Humidity < 90% RH (Non-Condensing)
Zero Drift < 1dgt for every 10°C beyond the specified ambient of 22 - 32 °C
Span Drift < 0.0015% of rdg / °C
Storage Temp 0 to 70 °C (Without Batteries & Accessories)
Enclosure Size 125(W) x 150(H) x 60(D) mm
Enclosure Finish Powder Coated
Enclosure Weight 0.7 Kg (Without Batteries)
  • Battery Eliminator, Probe Set, Leather Case, Wooden Case,
  • Instruction Manual, Warranty Certificate, Calibration Certificate Traceable to NPL
  • Charger for Ni-Cd Cells if Power Supply Option B is selected.
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