Process Indicator DigiMate 2317N

The panel mounted Digital Process Monitors (DigiMate 2317N) are designed to interface with two-wire transmitters and other process control instruments. In addition to indication, they provide transmitter power, decimal selection and optional alarm or trip functions. They also incorporate provisions for alarm outputs which can be tailored by the user, at site, to suit HI/LO and Fail-safe/Nonfail-safe alarm requirements.


  • Robust design for tough environments
  • Upto 2 bright LED displays
  • Input : mA, mV, V
  • Range : Field scalable (±1999 OR ±19999)
  • Resolution : 1 in 2000 OR 1 in 20000
  • Accuracy : ±0.2% of rdg ± 1dgt (3½ LED)
  • 24V DC transmitter power supply
  • Upto 4 HI/LO Alarms
  • Wide range of power supply options
  • Alarm settings accessible from the front
  • Alarm settings accessible from the front
  • Available in various enclosure sizes


Input Specification

No of Inputs One or Two depending on the model
Input mA/Millivolts/Volts depending the Input Processing Option
Input Impedance Approx 100 Ohms for mA Input, >100K for mV OR Voltage Input
Input Processing Field-scaleable Engineering Units Display in following options

Option A 4-20mA Linear Processing
Option V Linear Voltage Input
Option G Custom Specified Curve

Operator Interface

No of Displays One or Two depending on the model
Display Type
7 Segment 3½ dgt 12mm or 4½ dgt 8mm RED/ORANGE LEDs. 20/25mm, 50mm LEDs and Bargraph available in Model 23174 in specific sizes.
Display Range Field scaleable within -1999 to 1999 OR -19999 to 19999
Decimal Point Field selectable through a DIL switch or pluggable Shorting Links
U/R & O/R LEDS Indicate Under-range and Over-range of input parameter
Alarm Status Active alarm is indicated by lighting an LED for each alarm

Output Specification

Xmitter Supply 24V ±5% , 25mA maximum

Options I A B C

Indicator only. No Alarm Indicator & 1 Alarm Indicator & 2 Alarms Indicator & 4 Alarms

Alarm Type User selectable High or Low
Alarm Settings Settable throughout the Input Range for each alarm
Acc of Setting ±0.5% of f.s. with a hysteresis of 0.5% of f.s.
Relay Operation User selectable fail-safe or nonfail-safe
Contact Output One change-over contact of 230V AC/DC, 3A, 100VA per alarm

Accuracy @ operating temperature between 22-32 °C and valid for one year Calibration Cycle:

3½ digit ±0.2% of rdg ±1 dgt
4½ digit ±0.05% of rdg ±2 dgt

Power Supply options are as follows:

Option Power Supply
A 230V AC, 50Hz ± 15%
B 110V AC, 50Hz ± 15%.
C 24V AC, 50Hz ± 15%.
D 24 V DC ± 15%.
Rated Temp 5 to 55 °C
Humidity < 90% RH (Non-Condensing)
Zero Drift < 1dgt for every 10°C beyond the specified ambient of 22 - 32 °C
Span Drift < 0.0025% of rdg / °C
Storage Temp 0 to 70 °C
Enclosure Type Welded construction with pullout chassis
Enclosure Finish Powder Coated
Enclosure Size As shown below:

Option Enclosure Type Bezel Size Cutout Size
A Square 72(W) x 72(H) 68(W) x 68(H)
C Horizontal 96(W) x 48(H) 92(W) x 44(H)
D Square 96(W) x 96(H) 92(W) x 92(H)
E Vertical 72(W) x 144(H) 68(W) x 138(H)
F Horizontal 144(W) x 72(H) 138(W) x 68(H)
H Vertical 96(W) x 192(H) 92(W) x 186(H)
L Horizontal 192(W) x 96(H) 186(W) x 92(H)

I/O Terminals Suitable for 1.5 Sq mm wires MKDS 3 of Phoenix OR Equivalent
  • Mounting Clamps
  • Screws
  • Fuse
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Certificate for 2 years against Mfg defects
  • Calibration Certificate Traceable to NPL (Optional)


ModelNo No of Inputs Display Size Sensor Options Output Options Power Options Enclosure Options Encl Depth
23170 One 3½,12mm A,V I,A A,B,C,D C,D,E,F 150 mm
23171 One 3½,12mm A,V I,A,B A,B,C,D C,D,E,F 200 mm
23172 Two 3½,12mm A,V I,A,B A,B,C,D D,E,F 250 mm
23173 One 4 dgt, 8mm A,V I,A,B A,B,C,D D,E 200 mm
23174 One Custom A,V,G I,A,B,C A,B,C,D A,B,C,D,E,F,H,L 250 mm
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