Temperature Scanners TempScan 15101

The panel mounted Digital Temperature Scaneers (TempScan 15101) are designed to monitor temperature of RTD or T/C sensors with 2 alarms. The instruments are designed with CMOS ICs and incorporate a relay based multiplexer to select a sensor. A signal-conditioner with open-sensor detection and necessary linearisation processes the output of the scanned sensor. These scanners can operate in Auto and Manual modes.


  • Robust design for tough environments
  • LED display for channel no and sensor temperature
  • Input : RTDs OR T/Cs
  • Resolution : 1 in 2000 OR 1 in 20000
  • Accuracy : ±0.2% of rdg ± 1dgt (RTDs)
    ±0.5% of rdg ± 1dgts ± 1°C (T/Cs)
  • Available up to 20 I/P channels
  • Open-sensor indication (by flashing decimal points)
  • 2 HI/LO Alarms (Common to all OR two groups)
  • Alarm settings accessible from the front
  • Autoand Manual mode for scanning
  • Adjustable scan rate in Auto scanning mode
  • Available in vertical and horizontal enclosures


Input Specification

Sensor Option RTDs & T/Cs as per the Sensor Table given below

Opt. Sensor Range
Code Type Limits °C
P Pt 100 -200 to 800
(Min Span for RTD > 100)
(Max Span for RTD as above)

Opt. Sensor Range Min Max
Code Type Limits °C Span Span
J Fe/Const -50 to 700 200 500
K Cr/Al -50 to 1200 200 800
T Cu/Const -100 to 400 200 300
E Cr/Const -100 to 800 200 400

Note :Spans other than above are available with reduced accuracy

Sensor Std
Calibratable in any Standard. Unless specified, instruments will be factory
calibrated as per DIN 43760 for RTDs and as per ISA/ANSI MC 96.1for T/Cs

Signal Conditioning Specs
RTDs Bridge Current 0.5 to 1.5 mA
T/Cs Input Imp of > 1 Mohm. Auto CJ Compensation of ±1° C accuracy

Effect of Leadwire
RTDs 1°C for 10% of nominal resistance per lead for 3-wire RTDs
T/Cs 1°C for T/C lead-wire resistance of 100 ohms

No of Channels
Option Codes A B
No of Channels 6 8
10 12 16 20

Operator Interface

The front panel incorporates Switches and LED indicators for monitoring individual channels.

No of Displays One
Channel No One/Two digit 12mm LED display
Sensor Temp 3 ½ digit 12 mm LED display with a resolution of 1°C
Display Type 7 Segment 3½ dgt 12mm or 4½ dgt 8mm RED/ORANGE LEDs. 20/25mm,

50mm LEDs and Bargraph available in Model 23104 in specific sizes.
Over Range/ Indicated by flashing Decimal Points of the Indicator
Open Sensor
Push Buttons A/M When pressed, the scanner is in Manual mode

Advance A push increments channel number in Manual mode
Relay Status Two LED indicators for displaying Relay Status

Output Specification


I Indicator only. No Alarms
A Two Alarms common to all Channels and setpoints common to all Channels
B One Alarms Each assigned to 2 I/P Groups with setpoint common to a Group

The Input Groups are to be specified along with the order.
Alarm Type User selectable to High or Low
Alarm Settings Settable throughout the Input Range for each alarm
Acc of Setting ±0.5% of f.s. with a hysteresis of 0.5% of f.s.
Relay Operation User selectable fail-safe or nonfail-safe
Contact Output One change-over contact of 230V AC/DC, 3A, 100VA per alarm

Accuracy @ operating temperature between 22-32 °C and valid for one year Calibration Cycle:

RTD ±0.5% of rdg ± 1 dgt
T/C ±0.5% of rdg ± 1 dgt ± CJ Error (1°C)

Power Supply options are as follows:

Option Power Supply
A 230V AC, 50Hz ± 15%
B 110V AC, 50Hz ± 15%.
Rated Temp 5 to 55 °C
Humidity < 90% RH (Non-Condensing)
Zero Drift < 1dgt for every 10°C beyond the specified ambient of 22 - 32 °C
Span Drift < 0.0005% of rdg / °C
Storage Temp 0 to 70 °C
Enclosure Type Welded construction with pullout chassis
Enclosure Finish Powder Coated
Enclosure Size As shown below:

Option Enclosure Type Bezel Size Cutout Size
H Vertical 96(W) x 192(H) 92(W) x 186(H)
L Horizontal 192(W) x 96(H) 186(W) x 92(H)

I/O Terminals Suitable for 1.5 Sq mm wires MKDS 3 of Phoenix OR Equivalent
  • Mounting Clamps
  • Screws
  • Fuse
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Certificate for 2 years against Mfg defects
  • Calibration Certificate Traceable to NPL (Optional)
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