T/C Simulators

We make RTD Simulators capable of simulating a RTD sensor. Our T/C Simulators are capable of simulating non-linear emf of up to three different T/C sensors with Auto/MAN CJ compensation in addition to sourcing linear emf. A self-check facility is provided to assure their dependability.


TC Simulator 38517

The T/C Simulator (DigiSim 38517) is a micro-controller based portable, battery-operated, precision instrument designed for sourcing and measuring mV & T/C signals. A graphical (128x64) LCD with backlight gives excellent user interface. It is designed to calibrate instruments taking either T/Cs or mV as an input and retain its precision & repeatability over long periods in worst environmental conditions. An exceptionally stable voltage source provides continuously variable precision output signals with two ten-turn potentiometers.

  • Simulates & measures Ohms & RTDs
  • High precision, accuracy, reliability & longevity
  • Graphical(128x64) LCD with backlight for excellent UI
  • Simultaneous display of temperature & mV
  • Auto or Manual cold junction compensation (CJC)

T/C (Fixed point) - TestKit 18591

Our Calibrators are designed to cover electronic process control instruments in the following range of I/O parameters.

  • Quick calibration of temperature indicators
  • 12 discrete calibration points (CPs)
  • Auto CJ compensation for T/C Test Kits
  • Customizable calibration points (CPs), if required
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